Tour Guide Independent Contractor Agreement

The salary should cover at least all the hours that act as a guide, but whether it should cover overtime, such as travel or meal time, depends on the laws of where the tour takes place. 13. Waiver Upon MeetinRome`s request, you agree to defend, indemnify and hold MeetinRome and other associated companies, and their employees, contractors, senior officers and directors, harmless from and ally any and all undertakings, claims and expenses, including attorneys` fees arising out of your use or misuse of this site. MeetinRome reserves the right to assume, at your expense, the exclusive defense and control of all matters that are otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which case you will work with MeetinRomein and invoke all available defenses. The DOL said that the following strong indicators (but not receptively) are that a tour guide is a contractor: alternatively, in cases where it is not convenient to transfer money to you, the guides may decide to collect only one booking fee. In this case, the Agency will pay for the tourist services purchased at the time of the tour, in currency and currency, which were indicated at the time of booking. Whether you can use this alternative is left to the sole discretion of MeetinRome. However, if you want to eliminate the risk of reclassification, you must enter into a contract with a destination management company (DMC) that can use a local guide in accordance with local laws. You might even see if the DMC will hire your professor temporarily. A: For your agency, the key point of a travel guide contract is to indicate exactly what the guide must do to get their compensation, free travel or reimbursement of expenses. You should also provide that you can deduct from the compensation any losses caused by the guide`s behavior, such as for example. B the omission of an announced tour stop. You warrant and warrant to MeetinRome that you are aware of and comply with all license and legal restrictions that may be imposed on you when delivering tour or travel-related services.

2. Acceptance as a tour guide Only professional guides can apply to become a MeetinRome Tour Guide. After applying on the site, MeetinRome begins the acceptance process. Details of this process may include telephone interviews, filing documents, reference checks, and completing training and exams. As you know, in addition to the IRS criteria, each state has its own criteria for determining whether a worker is an employee or a self-employed contractor. As different as U.S. laws are, foreign laws are even more diverse. 16.

Rights For all disputes between MeetinRome and you regarding the Site, this Agreement, transactions that are facilitated or performed through the Site, tours and travel services that are ordered or purchased through the Site, business between you and MeetinRome or related matters (”Disputes”), the parties will attempt to find the least painful solution to the Dispute. . . .