Stick Agreement Definition

”We hope that our European partners will respect the agreements,” he told Handelsblatt. She argued that the southern blue fins were an international resource and that Japan needed to comply with the agreement so that migratory fish stocks could recover. If everyone follows the rules, we shouldn`t have any problems. ”It`s about sticking to the agreement we signed.” ”The government wants to respect the agreement,” Colonel Dietrich said. ”But Russia did not keep the agreements to the extent necessary.” And if the sale goes as planned and the temporary owners stick to the agreement, all those photos, the three dining rooms and, yes, the 1950s bowling alleys in the background, which have been the venue for several generations of children`s parties and have helped give the place its former sense of origin. ”All we are asking is that they respect the agreement,” said Isidro Castro, a former miner from the northern region of Von Leon. We said that we would give him the money and that we had to respect our agreement. ”Forget your opinion – stick with the facts,” Mel says impatiently. If you stick strictly to your diet, you will lose weight. Writers should stick to writing about things they know. Moore remained close to the leader until the final lap. Thanks to Ludwig, my first job was accepted! The publisher wrote to me that my manuscript was well written….