Siemens Service And Maintenance Agreement

Confidence. This is one of the many advantages of a siemens SIEPRO® Technical Service Agreement. SIEPRO® allows you to plan ahead. You opt for proactive services that reduce the risk of downtime and stabilize your operations and budget. It is designed for you. With a SIEPRO service contract® you can create a flexible service package tailored to your needs. You choose the level of service that best complements your existing equipment, processes and skills. With the planned service, you can be sure that the equipment is working as expected. Flexibility is an essential part of our service philosophy. Our services can be grouped into a tailor-made SIEPRO® technical service contract or can be used autonomously and independently. Customers who opt for our SIEPRO® TSA realize efficiencies in the maintenance, optimization and modernization of their installation, while reducing costs.

The best part: when purchasing a SIEPRO contract®, the different services are perfectly coordinated throughout the life cycle and support the optimal use of machines, plants and resources. In industry, all unplanned machinery or plant shutdowns must be corrected as quickly as possible. Our experienced experts are at your disposal worldwide – online, by phone or directly on site, 24 hours a day. Our goal is clear: to restore the functionality of your machines and facilities as quickly as possible when an event occurs. We help you on site with troubleshooting, commissioning and maintenance or provide a perfectly adapted remote support. Service contracts make the maintenance, optimization and modernization of industrial automation and propulsion technology more efficient and efficient, while reducing costs. The comprehensive expertise of Siemens specialists, reduced downtime, computable operating costs and savings in maintenance resources ensure the highest availability and productivity of all machines and plants. Your tailor-made SIEPRO® agreement gives you: With Preventive Services, we help you avoid unplanned downtime. By planning and enforcing timely maintenance measures, you reduce unnecessary and reactive work on facilities and their unplanned dismantling. .

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