Free Livery Yard Agreements

1 LIVERY YARD AGREEMENT YARD AGREEMENT The British Horse Society, sponsored by SEIB, Intervet and Merial Animal Health and supported by BEVA, ILPH, RSPCA and SSPCA, stresses the importance of a written agreement between the Livery Yard Owner and the owner or agent of the horse, which sets the conditions for the painting. RESPONSIBILITIES & AGREEMENTS RESPONSIBILITIES & AGREEMENTS Financial agreements, types of care, facilities and conditions offered vary between livery rods and should therefore be clearly defined. Preferably, these agreements must be concluded in writing before the horse in question is placed on the Livery Yard. The agreement should indicate the name of the person responsible for the supervision of the horse and the provision of food and water, as well as the measures to be taken in the event of illness or injury to the horse. .