Concession Agreement For Airports

For an excerpt from the PHX concession contract, see CRP-CD-81 (attached), Annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements. 2.3.5 Pest control airports should ensure that tenants are solely responsible for a pesticide-free environment in affected premises, maintaining their own pest control services using the most modern and effective pest control methods. All materials used for pest control must comply with Fed, state, and local laws and regulations. All control substances used must be used with all necessary precautions to exclude the possibility of accidents involving people, pets and pets. The pests referred to should include all those typically encountered by pest control specialists in the region. If the airport making available to the agreement is to be provided by virtue of the establishment of pest control services for a building or area comprising premises assigned under the agreement, the airport should ensure that the lessee bears the costs of the services provided. An excerpt from the SFO concession contract is available in CRP-CD-81 (attached), annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements. 2.3.6 Maintenance of kitchen equipment Maintenance of kitchen equipment is not a traditional problem used in concession contracts for catering establishments. As a general rule, it is considered that its maintenance is covered by other items related to the maintenance of the assigned or other premises. However, there are good examples of the language used to ensure adequate supply to other airport facilities. This language can be used to find a clause or article dealing with the proper maintenance of kitchen equipment. Model documents for a concession agreement are available under section CRP-CD-81 (attached), Annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements.

2.3.7 In an increasingly ”cashless” world, most airports require all food service providers to accept credit cards for goods and services. Often, small dealers claim that the size of their business makes it impractical to pay the fees charged by large credit cards. However, as noted above, the airport may use the pro forma profit and loss account to assess the impact of these charges on the concessionaire`s profitability and determine the appropriate lease structure to ensure that credit cards are accepted. Airports usually require the acceptance of at least three credit cards, with MasterCard and VISA being a must, and American Express is highly recommended in the part if an airport has a high percentage of business travelers. Airports should also strongly encourage tenants to offer customers a ”Wipe and Go” credit card service. For an extract from the general terms and conditions of sale of MSP concessions, see CRP-CD-81 (attached), Annex to Chapter 2, Concession Agreements. 2.3.8 Disputes with other tenants This is a critical element, as well-written articles and clauses in food service agreements can dispel disagreements before they escalate and cause confusion and internal struggles that can be obvious to customers. . .