Separation Agreement Lawyer Mississauga

Separation Agreements – If you have broken up and do not think you will meet again, signing a written separation agreement is an effective way to make important decisions in a legally binding and enforceable manner. The separation agreement can specify who stays at home, who cares for the children, who pays the family debts, who pays the aid and how much, how the assets are distributed and much more. A separation agreement duly drawn up, signed and certified is legally binding and one party could not amend it without the agreement of the other party or in the courts. We can help you negotiate, pass on or pursue a separation agreement and help ensure that it is based on full and accurate disclosure of the other party`s financial affairs. Cohabitation contracts – If you are not married but are in a common relationship together, a cohabitation agreement can help you protect important rights, while leaving important details about your relationship. For example, a cohabitation contract may deal with the owner of a certain property and how the property is distributed when the relationship ends, including the one that remains in the house. A cohabitation agreement can also indicate whether the aid is paid from one partner to another, including how much and for how long. However, custody and access issues cannot be resolved in advance by a cohabitation agreement. Our lawyers will help you negotiate a cohabitation agreement with your partner.

Our team can develop the agreement or review an agreement drafted by another lawyer to ensure that it is valid, enforceable and that your goals are met. We are also available to you in case you or your partner seeks to amend an existing cohabitation agreement. For each confusion in identifying the date of separation, couples must look when they have begun to live apart from each other, to separate their finances, to start doing things on their own. Divorce – Zagazeta Garcia Lawyers represents clients in controversial and undisputed divorces in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Toronto and the GTA region. Whether we work with your spouse or argue in court with conflict issues, we work to protect your rights and ensure that your interests are well represented in all important issues of your divorce, including custody of the children, access and education plan; Custody of children Helping spouses and the sharing of real estate and balance.