Intergovernmental Agreement On Commercial Vessel Safety Reform

b) the persons to whom the detained vessels must be repatriated. (c) notification of events involving national trading vessels with unique identifiers, including, but not limited to, a change of ownership. (c) the vessel is not exempt from the requirement to have a unique identifier (see section 143). 5. When a marine safety inspector has entered the premises under the agreement of the occupant of the premises, the inspector and anyone assisting the inspector must leave the premises when consent no longer takes effect. 1. This section applies when an offence against this Law (the offence in question) is alleged against a domestic merchant vessel by: (a) a marine safety inspector does not comply with the subsections (2) and (ii) because of the subsection (2) and (ii) if the inspector cannot locate that person – the person who owns or controls the vessel. (a) for the costs and incidentally for the holding of the ship; and [1] (a) record-keeping of the operation of domestic merchant vessels; 2. The State Marine Safety Inspector may take a sample of the case and remove the sample from the domestic merchant vessel.

xvii) the storage, preparation, manufacture and disposal of food and beverages on board ships; (vi) regulation or prohibition on the operation of certain vessels or categories of vessels in certain areas; b) not have to go back on the ship without presenting the ID card or police card or wearing a police uniform. (f) that a particular vessel has a specific length or tonnage; 4. A person`s authority to assist the inspector in maritime safety in accordance with subsection 2 is exercised for all purposes exercised by the inspector. (b) that a particular certificate relating to a national merchant vessel has been issued, suspended or revoked on any given day; or (1) When a person (the recipient) receives a notice of improvement in accordance with section 110, paragraph 1, or a prohibition notification referred to in section 111, paragraph 2, with respect to a vessel: (a) the vessel is requisitioned by the master of another vessel that is in distressed waters in accordance with subsection 1; and (a) the vessel is a rental and propulsion vessel used exclusively for recreational purposes; and (2) A crew member of a domestic merchant vessel may not, in the interest of the safety of the vessel, disturb or abuse anything intended on the vessel. (a) the power to operate electronic devices on board the vessel in order to put the data in documentary form and to remove the documents thus made from the ship; (3) It is requested that the person in charge of the vessel understand or know the request. Ship: a vessel that can be used for navigation on water, regardless of how it is operated or moved, and includes a hovercraft, an inland navigation boat, a lighter, a submersible, a chain ferry and a wing-to-ground gear.